2013年11月7日 星期四


Tzu-Chi's Aphorisms In Chinese and English
(Master Cheng Yen)

1. 善於利用時間的人,無時無刻不是修持參禪的好機緣。
For someone who makes good use of time every moment is good for meditation.

2. 心平靜,當下就是淨土。
When the mind is pure and tranquil, we have arrived in Pureland.

3. 真正的心好,應該是非常自然、沒有一絲一毫地考慮,馬上伸出援手去扶助別人。
True goodness is to reach out naturally without the slightest hesitation.

4. 忘功不忘過,忘怨不忘恩。
Forget our achievements, but not our mistakes.  Forget the trespasses of others, but not the kindness they have shown us.

5. 轉一個角度來看世界,世界無限寬大;換一種立場待人處事,人事無不輕安。
When you view the world from a different perspective, the world becomes vast and wide.  Try shifting your perspective in everything you do, and all will be light and easy.

6. 布施若不是真正心存喜捨,則非但沒有功德,反增煩惱。
To give without joy, not only carries no merit, but engenders afflictions.

7. 起心動念無不是業,開口動舌、舉手投足無不是罪。
Every thought, every word, every action, is the origin of karma and misfortune.

8. 不要小看自己,因為人有無限的可能。
Do not underestimate yourself, everyone has unlimited potential.

9. 人人本具菩薩心,也具有和菩薩同等的精神與力量。
Everyone has a Buddha nature and a Bodhisattva’s strength and spirit.

10. 一個人面臨絕境時,還能心存感恩很是難得。永保感恩心付出的人,比較不會陷入絕境。
It is difficult to remain grateful in destitution, but a person, who does good with a grateful heart, is less likely to fall into destitution.

11. 「戒」是不起心動念;「定」是臨危不亂;「慧」能運心轉境。
Buddhism speaks of developing discipline, meditative concentration, and wisdom. Discipline is to, not give rise to, unwholesome thoughts.  Meditative concentration is to be calm under adversity.  Wisdom is to take control of our mind and change our destiny.

12. 一個人的快樂,不是因為他擁有得多,而是因為他計較得少。
Happiness is not about how much we possess, but how little we bicker over trivials.

13. 心無邪思,意無邪念,即常自在;心正則邪不侵。
If our thoughts are upright and wholesome, we can always be at ease and evil cannot come near.

14. 理想要放在遠方,腳步要落實現在。
Though we aim high, we must take solid and concrete steps here and now.

15. 理直要氣和,得理要饒人。
Remain soft-spoken and forgiving, even when reason is on your side.

16. 心迷就會苦,心悟就自在。
A confused mind suffers agony; an enlightened mind feels at ease.

17. 陪伴父母要歡喜,而不是應付責任。
Giving time to our parents is about spending time with them with joy not merely out of a sense of duty.

18. 人的心地就像一畝田,若沒有播下好的種子,也長不出好的果實來。
Our mind is like a garden; if no good seeds are sown, nothing good will grow from it.

19. 好事要提得起,是非要放得下,成就別人即是成就自己。
Take up good deeds and let go of hard feelings.  In helping others to fulfill their goal, we too gain.

20. 人生為人群付出多少,就得多少踏實感。
The more we give, the more grounded we will feel.

21. 千里之路,必須從第一步開始;聖人的境域,也是自凡夫起步。
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one first step.  Even the saint was once an ordinary human being.

22. 生氣,就是拿別人的過錯來懲罰自己。
Getting angry is actually to punish yourself with other people’s mistakes.

23. 每天都是生命中的一張白紙,每一個人、每一件事都是一篇生動的文章。
Every single day is like a blank page of our life.  Every person we meet, every event we participate in is a lively essay.

24. 遭受別人批評時,先問自心是否無愧?無愧則心安。
In the face of criticism, ask if your conscience is clear.  With a clear conscience, you will have peace of mind.

25. 口說好話,心想好意,身行好事,腳走好路。
Speak kind words, think good thoughts, do good deeds, and walk the right path.

26. 感恩他人就是美化自己。
In showing gratitude, we become a more beautiful person.

27. 有知足心,才懂感恩;有感恩,才會善解;有善解,才能凡事包容。
Being content helps us to be appreciative.  Having gratitude helps us to see things in their positive light.  Being this way, we will become a more tolerant and understanding person.

28. 學佛,就是要學會及時改正錯誤的觀念。
Practicing Buddhism is about learning to promptly correct our wrong views.

29. 不要爭面子,爭來的是假的,培養來的才是真的。
It is meaningless to demand others’ respect.  Only the respect inspired by the goodness of our character is real and true.

30. 人生幾十年的成就,都是由每一天的言行累積而成。所以,要照顧好每一天的言行。
Our accomplishments in life are built on the words and actions, we make every day — thus we must be discreet in our daily speech and behavior.

31. 人生如高空走索,應專心一意往前看、向前走,不要回頭空懊惱。
Life is like walking on a tightrope.  Walk straight ahead and concentrate on what’s in front of us; to keep looking back does us no good.

32. 聽話、說話要完整,不要只揀前一句、後一句,合起來剛好尖尖的刺進人心。
Be clear and complete when you talk and listen.  Do not pick one sentence here and one sentence there; or you may by accident intensely hurt someone.

33. 人生若精神文化充足富有,縱使物質生活平淡,也會感到樂在其中。
If we are spiritually rich and fulfilled, we will be happy, even if materialistically, our life is basic and simple.

34. 什麼都沒做,就是空過的人生;若能不斷付出利益人群,就是大好的人生。
If we don’t do something meaningful, our life will pass by in vain.  But if we work unceasingly for the betterment of mankind, ours will be a beautiful life.

35. 發心容易,恆心難持;光說不練,無法體悟真理、實踐道法。
To begin is easy to persist difficult.  Talking about truth without practicing it leads neither to enlightenment nor realizing the Dharma.

36. 感恩可以打開我們的心結,並且啟發我們的悲心。
Having gratitude can help us dissolve our inner afflictions and waken our compassion.

37. 以歡喜心做事,即使忙碌卻不感到辛苦,反而覺得甘甜。
If we work with a joyful heart, no matter how tiring and demanding the task is, we will be rewarded with a sense of bliss and joy.

38. 好事,需要你、我、他共同來成就。所以,不要有你、我、他的成見。
Good actions require everyone’s cooperation, so let’s not cling to personal biases.

39. 能付出愛心就是福,能消除煩惱就是慧。
The ability to love is a blessing.  The ability to eliminate afflictions is wisdom.

40. 要擁有很可愛的人生,就要自己先去愛人。
We must first love others to have a beautiful life.

41. 以親切的愛心去關懷別人,這分愛心便是造福的種子。
When we care for others with deep sincerity, our heart of love is the noble seed that brings great blessings.

42. 要作個受歡迎的人,作個被愛的人,就必須先照顧好自我的聲和色。
To win the hearts of others and always be welcomed, we must be cautious of our tone of voice and facial expression.

43. 行善是本分、付出無所求,不執著「善有善報」,自然輕安自在。
It is our duty, as a human being, to do good.  Expecting nothing in return, our heart will naturally enjoy peace and ease.

44. 退讓一步以成全別人,即是修養,即是修行。
Taking a step back to accommodate others refines our character and nurtures spiritual growth.

45. 心中有信,願力無窮;心中無私,其福無量。
With faith, we will have unlimited strength.  With selfless intentions, we will be, showered with blessings.

46. 一般人常言:要爭這一口氣。其實真正有功夫的人,是把這口氣嚥下去。
Most people fight for the sake of pride but the wise can let go.

47. 把貪念轉為滿足,把滿足化作慈悲。
Transform greed into contentment and contentment into compassion.

48. 我們要接受天下人、事、物的磨練,方能成為一個堅強的人。
Only by undergoing the trials and challenges of human affairs do we become strong and resilient.

49. 處理事情,感情要蘊藏在理智中;與人相處,則要把感情表現在理智上。
In handling matters, let your mind influence your heart.  In dealing with people, let your heart influence your mind.

50. 有一分心,就有一分力量。
When we have the will, we will have strength.

51. 人人本有清淨純真的佛性,只因煩惱無明而遮蔽了。
We all have a pure and clear Buddha nature obscured by afflictions and delusion.

52. 菩薩不是土塑木刻的形象,真正的菩薩能做事、能說話、能吃飯,能尋聲救苦隨處現身。
Bodhisattvas are not idols made of wood; real Bodhisattvas are people who eat, talk, work, and relieve suffering in times of need.

53. 謊言像一朵盛開的鮮花,外表美麗,生命短暫。
Lies are like flowers in full bloom; they look beautiful, but do not last long.

54. 最平淡的日子,心裡最安定。
The most simple and ordinary life brings the most inner peace.

55. 發脾氣是短暫的發瘋。
Getting mad is like a bout of temporary insanity.

56. 以愛待人、以慈對人,則不惹人怨,亦能結好緣。
When we treat others with loving-kindness, we will not stir up ill feelings and we will be able to form good relationships with others.

57. 人既然生在世間,就不能離開眾緣,修行也不能離群隱世。
Born into this world, we are always with people; hence spiritual cultivation cannot be achieved in isolation.

58. 做人固然不應將自我看得太重,但也不要自輕己靈。
Do not think too highly of yourself and yet never underestimate your ability.

59. 時時感恩,處處感恩,人人感恩,事事感恩。
Be grateful always for everything and everyone at every moment.

60. 平安就是福,助人就是慧。
Being safe and well is a real blessing and helping others willingly is a mark of wisdom.

61. 愛不是要求對方,而是要由自身付出,無條件地奉獻,做到事事圓滿。
Love is not about asking of the other person, but about giving of ourselves unconditionally, so that we can help things become perfect and complete.

62. 「不斷地付出就是在造福,面對人事就是在修慧」,若能福慧雙具,就是慧命增長。
Through continuous giving, we create blessings.  Through the handling of human affairs, we cultivate wisdom.  By cultivating, blessings and wisdom, we grow spiritually.

63. 合心為善,和氣付出,互愛讚歎,伸手協力。
Let us work together for the common good in harmony and with mutual love for one another.

64. 一個缺口的杯子,如果換一個角度看它,它仍然是圓的。
Chipped though the cup may be if you look at the cup from a different angle, you’ll see that the rest of it is still perfect.

65. 珍惜每一分、每一秒,踏踏實實為社會付出愛。
Treasure each and every moment to share one’s love and serve society through concrete action.

66. 一個人不怕錯,就怕不改過,改過並不難。
Fear not the making of mistakes but rather the reluctance to correct ourselves.  It is in fact not that difficult for us to change.

67. 人生若能減低欲望,生活上便沒有什麼值得計較!
If we can reduce our desires, there is nothing really worth getting upset about.

68. 人最難看得見的,就是自己
The hardest thing for people to see is themselves.

69. 煩惱就像一條毒蛇睡在人的心中,一觸動它,蛇就會咬人。
Worry is a poisonous snake that sleeps in the mind; the moment you disturb it, the snake will bite you.

70. 雙手健全卻不肯做事的人,等於是沒有手的人。
To have two good hands and refuse to work is no different than having no hands at all.

71. 做事踏實,心就穩;心穩,路就穩。
When we are honest and grounded in what we do, our mind will be stable; then we can walk steadily on life’s path and our path will be less bumpy.

72. 凡事對機即是好。
The best medicine is that which can treat the conditions at hand.

73. 人生的價值在於功能而不是形象,形象沒有價值。
The value of our life lies in what we offer and contribute rather than having a good image.  Image itself has little lasting value.

74. 做好事,不在於一定做多少,應該做的就要做。
The key to doing well is not the amount done but doing whatever should be done.

75. 增一分感恩心,即減一分猜疑心。
With more gratitude, we will have fewer misgivings.

76. 對別人不要計較,對自己要好好檢討。
Be forgiving and less critical of others but be strict and objective in examining ourselves.

77. 人生最踏實的事,是今日此時有多少力量就儘快付出。
Our life is most grounded when we are contributing whatever we can at each and every opportunity.

78. 不能低頭的人,是因為一再回顧過去的成就。
People who are preoccupied with past achievements cannot humble themselves.

79. 每天都是一本書,所遇到的每個人,都是一篇文章。
Every day is like the unfolding of a book each person a lively essay.

80. 勇氣不可失,信心不可無,世間沒有不能與無能的事,只怕──不肯。
Never lose courage.  Never lose faith.  Nothing in this world is impossible when you are determined.

81. 多做好事,才能開闊心靈的天地。
Nurture the habit of giving and our world will become vast.

82. 解除人間的災難,一定要從改善人心做起。
To end the disasters of the world, we must begin by transforming human hearts and minds.

83. 面對業力不要埋怨,要用寬諒和樂的心來代替埋怨。
Do not complain in the face of bad karmic retribution.  Be forgiving and accommodating instead of complaining.

84. 對人有疑心,就無法愛人;對人有疑念,就無法原諒人;對人有疑惑,就無法相信人。
We cannot love when filled with suspicion.  We cannot forgive when unwilling to believe.  We cannot trust when filled with doubts.

85. 美滿的人生,不在物質、權勢、名利及地位,而在人與人之間的關愛與情誼。
A fulfilling life is not preoccupied with material objects, prestige, or power.  It is a life that is filled with true friendships, sharing, and caring for each other.

86. 凡夫追求財物,聖人追求真理。
Ordinary people seek material wealth.  A saintly person seeks Truth.

87. 地上種了菜,就不易長草;心中有善,就不易生惡。
Weeds do not easily grow in a field planted with vegetables.  Evil does not easily arise in a heart filled with goodness.

88. 要有過程,不要有手段;要有目標,不要有目的。
In doing tasks, there should be procedures without maneuvers and goals without hidden agendas.

89. 心量大福報就大。
The greater our generosity, the greater our blessings be.

90. 有所求的愛,是無法永久存在的。能夠永久存在的,是那分無形、無染且無求的愛。
A love with conditions attached would never last.  Only pure, unconditional love will last forever.

91. 欣賞別人即是莊嚴自己。
Because seeing virtue in others is in itself a virtue in appreciating others, we in fact dignify ourselves.

92. 布施就好比汲取井水,唯有不斷地布施,才能造福、增福。
Giving is like drawing water from a well as water is drawn more flows in.  It is by giving that blessings continue to flow in.

93. 智慧是從生活、人事的磨練而得來。
It is through learning from the trials of everyday life and human affairs that wisdom is attained.

94. 不是什麼都不理就叫無爭,而是要與人合心、和氣、互愛、協力。
Being non-contentious is not about sitting back and just letting things be, but about working toward the same goal with mutual love and harmony.

95. 把自己的本分事做好,歡喜接受所面臨的一切,過一分鐘即消一分災。
When we faithfully fulfill our duties and face all challenges with acceptance and joy, we dissolve a measure of our negative karma with every passing moment.

96. 社會的進步不是用喊出來的,是做出來的。
Progress in society comes through action, not through loud protest.

97. 聽到別人批評,要自我反省;有錯就改,沒錯則歡喜包容。
For the compassionate, there is no such thing as an enemy for the wise, there is no arising of affliction.

98. 福人居福地,不是福地福人居。
Blessed is a land inhabited by people who do good for it is the people who make the land blessed.

99. 想要家庭吉祥、和睦,就應該常常起歡喜心,天天為自己的家庭祝福。
To have a warm and happy family, we should nurture a heart of joy and shower our family with blessings.

100. 真正的禪,是在日常生活中不起煩惱妄想。
True meditation is to calm the restless mind in everyday living.

101. 生命無常,慧命永存;愛心無涯,精神常在。
Transient though life may be one’s contributions will live on as love knows no boundaries, its spirit will always remain.

102. 遭受別人批評時,先問自心是否無愧?無愧則心安。
In the face of criticism ask if your conscience is clear.  With a clear conscience, you will have peace of mind.

103. 若有人扯後腿,要心存感恩。沒有人「扯」,就練不出腿勁。
Be grateful when people try to hold you back for without them, you would not develop the strength that enables you to move forward.

104. 即使已達智慧圓融,更應含蓄謙虛,像稻穗一樣,米粒愈飽滿垂得愈低。
Those who have great wisdom must all the more be humble and unassuming, just like the rice stalk that bows under the weight of ripe grain.

105. 心如鏡。雖外在景物不斷轉變,鏡面卻不會轉動,此即境轉而心不轉。
Let our mind be like a mirror, while the images reflected are constantly changing, the mirror itself remains unchanged.

106. 為人處事要『小心』,不要『小心眼』。
Be careful and mindful when dealing with others, but do not be narrow-minded.

107. 無量功德是在日積月累中,分毫累積聚集而成。
All merits and virtues are, in fact, accrued bit by bit over time.

108. 聽到好話要感恩,聽到壞話要善解。
Appreciate a compliment and face unkind words with understanding.

109. 天上最美是星星,人間最美是溫情。
Most beautiful in the sky are the stars.  Most beautiful on Earth is human warmth and love.

110. 話多不如話少,話少不如話好。
It is better to speak less and best to speak kindly.

111. 作人要有踏實感,不要只有成就感。踏踏實實地做人,心中多舒服 
Be down-to-earth and well-grounded in life instead of seeking only a sense of accomplishment.  We feel such peace when we lead a well-grounded life.

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